IMG_1494To be a shareholder in a CSA is to be a member of a community based around a farm. A member gives their support to the farm in winter and early spring allowing them to plan and buy supplies, and the consumer receives a generous share of fresh picked, certified organic produce throughout the summer and fall. In return for supporting the farm early in the season you enjoy our vegetables for below market prices, making it the most affordable way to buy local organic produce. New Beat Farm shareholders also get the opportunity to get connected to the land, hands, and horses that supply their food at shareholder events on the farm and through our weekly newsletters .


Please visit these pages for our different CSA options:

Summer Multi-Farm Delivery Share to Portland (Waldo County Horse-power CSA)

Farm-stand and Market Shares

New Beat Farm Winter Share

Flower Share

Appleton Creamery Cheese Share

Egg Share