IMG_0820Our Cheviot and Dorset sheep are an integral part to our farms agro-ecosystem that not only nourish our bodies but our fields and pasture land. Our flock is raised on our certified organic pasture and hay land and are rotationally grazed to keep them happy and healthy and improve our pastureland. We use our three draft horses to make the hay  we feed our sheep and horses!

How we sell our lamb:

multiple options depending on your freezer space! The freezer share and sample Pack get you 10% off our retail price for cuts. Order now to secure your lamb for the winter.
* $75 Sampler Pack
– Includes: chops, ground and stew meat

* $150 Freezer Share
-Includes: leg of lamb, 2 shanks, chops, ground and stew meat
* Whole Lamb
$7.00/lb hanging weight, see more info below

Lamb by the cut
-Individual cuts of meat, pre-ordered


This is a great option if you want to individualize your cuts of meat and guarantee you have a nice supply to last you through the season. Your whole lamb is available in early November. We send you a cut list for you to individualize how you want your lamb. 

Sold at $7.00/lb hanging weight plus $80 slaughter fee

There is a $100 deposit to reserve your animal. Sign up here

Hanging weight is the weigh of the carcuss before it is butchered into your specialized cuts. Hanging weights range between 45 and 60lbs. This is not the total weight of the cuts you will receive, since it includes bone, connective tissue etc. The final poundage of cuts of meat range from 35 to 50lbs depending on what types of cuts you request.   You can request a larger or smaller lamb and we’ll do our best get you what you want.


We sell cuts of lamb to shareholders for pre-order in the fall as well as at the Belfast Farmers Market and United Farmers Market of Belfast September through the winter markets. Please contact us for current prices and cuts.