Come join our passionate team of growers. If you love having your feet in the soil, nose in the flowers and hands on juicy ripe tomatoes then this is a job for you.  Our team is integral to the success of our  no-till production system. We  strive to create a work environment of mutual respect, where there is room for personal growth for our employees, and there is a healthy perspective of meeting the daily demands of farm work while being attuned to the wellbeing of the people who work here.  

Farmers, Adrienne and Ken are highly motivated farmers that are driven by passion for stewarding the land and nourishing our communities with high quality produce and blooms that are truly food for the soul.

Everyone on our crew is important to the success of our farm and are expected to take responsibility for their work, listen carefully to direction and be driven to get the job done. They are able to work well in groups as well as have the confidence to work productively on their own. Work on the farm is diverse and is at a scale where our workers take part in a variety of aspects of the farm.

This work includes:

  • greenhouse seedling production of field crops and seedlings for sale
  • high tunnel production management
  • building and maintaining our no-till beds
  • vegetable & flower planting
  • weeding
  • harvesting produce and flowers
  • bouquet making depending on experience
  • washing and packing produce for market and wholesale accounts
  • irrigation management
  • building and repairing farm infrastructure.

Our work varies seasonally and has weekly patterns.

Mondays and Thursdays we are mostly bustling about harvesting for our variety of markets. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays are project focused days, planting, weeding, seeding etc.  We mostly work as a crew but there will be times throughout the week when you will be asked to work efficiently and productively alone or in small groups.  There is a one hour (unpaid) lunch break in the middle of the day, where you are welcome to cook your meals in the farm house. We want our workers to enjoy the fruits of their labor and they are welcome to the abundance of second quality veggies we harvest.

Farm Schedule and Hours:

  • Work days Mondays through Thursdays 7am to 4pm and Fridays 7am-Noon,  May through Mid-November.
  • Part time positions available for folks willing to work at least two days/wk.
  • Morning pick Crew: 7:00 to 12:00,  Mondays,  Wednesdays & Thursdays
    • June through September
  • Some pre-season and post season work available

We value balance in both our own lives and those of our crew and are committed to keeping our work hours to our scheduled time. With the exception of days when we are bringing in hay we try to make sure everyone leaves on time. We accomplish this by showing up ready to work on time, being effective, efficient workers who can prioritize tasks, know how to transition quickly from one project to the next, and enjoy the challenge of getting the job done on time.

employment at New Beat Farm


  • At least one year of experience on a production vegetable farm, landscaping, or other physical outdoor work experience
  • Ability to work hard outside in a variety of weather conditions with a positive attitude
  • Can lift 50lb, and has the physical health and ability to work often times repetitive tasks for long periods of time squatting or kneeling
  • Ability to work well in groups and independently
  • Pays attention to detail, able to hold onto multiple levels of instruction
  • Goal oriented with a drive to see the job through
  • Passion about the general success of the farm
  • Ability to keep a positive, “can do” attitude throughout the season
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to take constructive criticism and interest in challenging themselves to learn new things

Pay commensurate with prior work experience starting at $17/hr  DOE, for full time, full season workers, plus veggies from the farm.  Applicants with strong backgrounds in vegetable or flower production, who are looking to take on roles with a higher level of responsibility can expect a higher starting pay rate.  Part time employees pay rate vary depending on experience. Employees receive 8hrs of PTO time per 200 hours worked to be used for sick time or other personal time off.

How to Apply:

Please email us your resume with relevant employment history, 3 references, as well as a cover letter describing why you want to work at New Beat and how your past experiences make you a qualified candidate for the job. Email us at [email protected].  Thank you!

2018 Farm Crew