Curious what folks are saying about us? Here’s some feedback from our shareholders.

We are so happy to be able to eat produce that is grown locally with low-impact farming practices. Adrienne and Ken work hard to run a great small business, and are inspiring stewards of the land.”

“We LOVE our connection to the food that comes to us in our share from New Beat and their friends. Our boys (age 3 and 1) love going to see the farmers at the pick-ups, and are curious about so many aspects of the farm. It’s such a joy to see our little guys munch away on happily grown veggies. We love the adventure of not knowing what is going to be in the share each week, and getting to plan our meals around what’s in the vegetable drawer.┬áPat yourselves on the back- another job well done this season!”

The CSA share from New Beat Farm offers a great selection of veggies every week and feeds our family of 4 well. We love eating good food, but we are not gourmet cooks! So when we get our share, we tend to cook simple, fast meals that everyone in our family will enjoy. The recipes provided in New Beat’s newsletter are super helpful for quick, uncomplicated recipes. Highly recommend this CSA!”

We love being a part of New Beat Farm. The food is great, we are inspired by the organic and horse-powered techniques, and Ken and Adrienne are wonderful people to be connected with. We can’t imagine our year without it and we are grateful to have been able to raise our kids on this wholesome local food.”

The quality in taste and freshness is incomparable to store-bought produce. THE BEST!”

everyone is so nice, friendly, the veggies are DELICIOUS. You’ve introduced me to many veggies I hadn’t heard of, and wouldn’t have tried otherwise. The option for the cheese, eggs and flowers is great, we’ve enjoyed changing the flowers weekly, having a beautiful centerpiece on our dining room table.”

I look forward to Tuesdays. After I pick up my share, I go right home and prepare at least 2 of the veggies for that night’s dinner.”

“Absolutely love the CSA with office delivery! “

I loved knowing the produce was organic and at it’s peak. It made me plan and research to make sure I used my veggies well.”

We honestly look forward to each and every share from New Beat…their selection and quality of veggies is stellar and we love their horse drawn philosophy, recipes and overall attention to detail…not to mention their warmth and good cheer. We have never been disappointed! Cheers to Adrienne, Ken and the whole crew.”

Incredible produce that is luxurious in presentation and delicious in taste. A superior product that is clearly grown with love and care!”

You can’t beat New Beat carrots and salad greens. We look forward to them every week!”